Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Questions and jargon

Here is a space to just ask anything.

I'll start:
What is the difference between the deficit and the national debt?
What is quantitative easing?
What is meant by monetary and fiscal policy?
What is the difference between the CPI and the RPI?
Why did we have to bail out the banks?
How do speculators get away with it?

Anything... just add in the comments.


  1. Here are some questions that have come up at recent Labour Party meetings

    Does the deficit really matter?
    Are there other ways of covering it?
    Is it just a question of short or longer term?
    Are UK employers and the Tories trying to force labour costs down to the lowest level internationally? Is it competition to the floor?
    How can the state be involved in the economy again due to the WTO and EU regulations?
    What do we mean by growth?
    Is it self defeating to chase growth when it could be checked by climate change over the next 100 years?
    Is the UK bankrupt?
    How can we tackle the power of international monopolies?
    Is it possible for local authorities and the Welsh Government to work together to offset the UK Tories austerity policies?

  2. Questions from Ann:
    How will quantities easing help our deficit?
    What are exchange traded funds , reed UBS?
    difference between recapitalization and nationalization?
    explain sovereign dept?